How can I find out if someone is recieving social security disability benefits?


I am in the middle of a divorce and I think that my wife is getting social security disability benefits and not reporting it. Is there any way that i can find out if she is?




Even if she is you’ll still pay the same child support.

Devon Maphia

I think it would be very very low and pathetic to use something like that, even tit for tat is not realy a masculine quality…i think scamming or not you shouldnt have the right to check up on them…partly because of creeps like you.

Debra D

You should both have to disclose all of your income and assets during a divorce. If you have an attorney ask him or her. It’s almost impossible to get SSI disability benefits so if she is, she really needs the benefits and has proven so. It would be very uncool of you to try to find out in order to give her less money after the divorce.


If your low income and your wife draws sos, soc.sec. will pay your children benefits till their 19.
You should not have to pay child support
Work with the courts or hire an attorney

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