can i have long term disability benefits and welfare benefits at the same time?

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Im in the process to get long term disability benefits and i receiving welfare benefits in the state of PA. I will like to know if I need to report this income to the welfare office or if i can receice both at the same time because i dont want to lose my health insurance. Thanks.


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Yes, you always need to report income changes to assistance programs. The thing is, government agency’s almost always find out about it. It usually just takes a very long time. Then the problem begins if it is determined the increased income should have reduced your benefits, and they will require you to repay them, even after the money is long gone. So it’s always best to contact them and ask if you need to report it, what the effect will be, and report it to them.

Yes you can receive both disability benefits and and public assistance the same time. The extra income may reduce some of your welfare benefits, but usually not by much.

You don’t mention what long term disability you are talking about, If you mean Social Security SSDI, or SSI disability, it will automatically qualify you for Medicaid. If that is the health insurance you have, no you won’t lose it.

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