I need disability benefits in college that will exempt me from presenting for three Anxiety Disorders?


I’m unable to make sense while speaking verbally due to heavy amount of phobia, but they refuse to grant out disability benefits since Social Anxiety Disorder that includes a stutter is apparently fake to them. I’m getting grades for the stutter, and it’s uncontrollable from the Social Anxiety Disorder. I’ve tried telling about it, but they were like “alright, go in for a diagnosis, or no benefits!”. I’ve already acquired the diagnosis however, and they are now saying that Stuttering isn’t real. How do you folks get disability benefits in college?




If you are in college, it would be very difficult convincing the social security office that you cannot ‘function’. You are supposed to convince them that your disability prevents you from doing virtually anything.

Instead, talk with the college counseling center–and see what sessions (individual or group) they have. The health services office is also a good place to go. They are staffed by medical professionals.


are you talking about disability benefits (SSDI/SSI) or disability accommodations (alternatives to oral speaking, extra time, etc)?

have you been to the disability services office?

did your doctor write a letter explaining the effects of your condition and suggested accommodations..or do you just have a diagnosis and nothing else.

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