Ensure Water Pump Efficiency with PUB Approved Gaskets

When you build a new home or move into a new office space, you may not think about the gaskets and pumps that control water flow into that building. This is okay. You shouldn’t have to. It should be done for you so that you do not have to worry. However, as time goes on and the property ages, things may happen that cause it to not be reliable. This is when you need to ensure water pump efficiency with PUB approved EPDM gaskets.
How Gaskets Make a Difference
A gasket is designed to be used where two pieces of pipe or metal pieces meet up. It provides an added barrier against water, oils, or other thin, liquid. Just think of your vehicle’s motor. It has several gaskets to keep oil and water from mixing as the metal expands and contracts. As the engine heats up, oil can become thin, which would allow it to escape.

Although different, the same concept is used in your home and water lines. There are gaskets in your well, there are gaskets coming into your home, and there are other gaskets used to remove dirty water and keep it separate from the clean water.
When Good Gaskets Go Bad
What happens when a gasket goes bad? Sadly, leaks may come. If a gasket in your vehicle goes bad, leaks happen. If it is in your well, your pump may be less efficient. If it happens in the pipes going to your septic tank, there can be problems there as well. It could cause a leak that rots out the floor around your toilet.

Leaks, no matter where they are, or what has caused them, are all bad. They make problems. This is why most professionals only choose the highest quality EPDM gaskets available. The next most important thing is to make sure that it is approved for potable water, if you plan to put it on a clean water line.
Choose High Quality Performance
Your water lines are important enough to choose gaskets that will last. The easiest way to do this is to choose PUB approved anytime you are dealing with your potable water supply. It does not matter whether it is for a home or an office. Doing the right thing today will mean fewer leaks and healthier drinking water for everyone you know.

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